Our Listing Fees

Listing Fees:

South African Business Information Listing Fees is based on the fact that we do not rely on external ads to fund our website. 

We do not offer pay per click advertising to fund the operational cost.  We charge a flat rate of R300 per year. This amount to less than one R1 a day. You may update your listing once per year and address changes are done free of charge. There are no hidden cost or design fees. Our rate include everything. You may list your company in 5 categories.  Additional categories will cost R10 per category per year.

List now!!!

What do you have to loose. The answer is simple nothing. 

What do you have to gain. Our hit counter on the home page speaks volumes, you only have more customers to gain. One extra customer in all most case will recover that cost.

How to list: 

We have no contracts to be signed. Just  email your information to us at info@southafricanbusinessinfo.co.za.  We will do the rest. 

If you have a website and should you so desire, we can extract your information from here. Just e-mail your website address to us at info@southafricanbusinessinfo.co.za and we will extract all the information and list it.

Once the listing is done we will send you a link to view the listing. Should you require changes we will gladly assist you.


We do not allow companies to list in any other Town where they have no physical address. You may only list in the area where you are situated. It removes confusion and also stop companies from other areas listing in your area. If you do however have a branch office or franchise in other areas we will list them there at the same cost.

We are a business listing site and therefor do not allow prices to be advertise on the listing pages. We are expanding our web capability to send specials to our growing user list and intend to do so in the near future.

Please read our Terms and Condition. We consider acceptance of our Terms and Condition as a binding agreement to list.

Annual renewal:

We will advice you via e-mail of your annual renewal and should you request to not continue for another year just let us know by replying, else your listing will automatically renewed.

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