D&D Woodworks

D&D Woodworks offers a complete Design and Construction solution for both domestic and corporate customers.

High tech Computer Aided Design (CAD) software enable consultants to visually depict the clients ideas in full 3D design before construction commences. This process also enables very accurate quantity and price projections.

Clients are encouraged to stay in the design and construction loop at all times - this ensures optimized lead times and customer satisfaction.

D&D woodworks offers a one stop service which includes all lighting and plumbing work required - no outside contractors are necessary  to finish that dream kitchen, office or industrial project.

Clients have a a large selection of wood finishes and fittings to choose from as is provided by an up to date sample collection.

D&D Woodworks dedicated team of skilled artisans will built and fit your dream kitchen, office or shop front in record time with utmost attention to detail and minimum disruption to daily routines.

Contact Details

Physical Address: 8 Swart Street, Oudorp, Klerksdorp

Contact Number: 082 378 7822

Fax Number: 

E-mail: info@dd-woodworks.co.za 

Website: http://dd-woodworks.co.za

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Built in Cupboards
Custom Made Furnitue
Kitchen Cupboards
Kitchen Renovations

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