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The Planet Fitness Group kick-started in October 1995 with the vision of becoming the most loved health club in South Africa, and beyond. We have steadily grown since then and we now boast 30 clubs across the Planet Fitness, Planet Platinum and JustGym brands. You’ll find us all over the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape too.

Planet Fitness isn’t your typical gym where everyone is just trying to outdo everyone else; it’s a place where everyone is welcome, where friends hang out, in a great atmosphere. We are all about helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals; you’ll find our experienced and friendly staff right where you need them. Sure, starting an exercise program isn’t easy…but we promise to be right beside you every step of the way. We’ll start you off with a complimentary induction session to ensure that you are comfortable and know how to use all the equipment and facilities.

Speaking of which, our facilities are world-class and immaculate; and we are constantly introducing exciting new training programmes and classes to keep things interesting. We help you find balance, a healthy lifestyle and a better way of living.

Loadshedding – what’s that? Our gyms have generators at the ready, for uninterrupted training and fun.

On top of the group sits our Planet Fitness Platinum club, setting a new standard when it comes to the ultimate training experience. At our Planet Fitness Megaclubs we offer the best equipment, best facilities, tartan indoor running tracks, heated swimming pools, internationally celebrated training programmes and whole lot more, for a price that will surprise you. Here you can get the best of everything; you can truly have it all – without paying for it all.

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