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Welcome to South African Business Information Site. The one site to list your Business on for Target Specific Searches on the World Wide Web. This site is hosted locally in South Africa with 99.9% up time. This site was develop to facilitate the growing need to access business information instantly. As the Internet  expands there is a growing need to get relevant Target Specific Information instantly without being channeled through numerous Unnecessary Websites, and still not being able to access the correct information. Our Site is in the Process of Simplifying Access to Relevant Business Information,making it a time saving tool. 

Why list with us?

Our site offers instant and immediate access to all the business information in your area and its immediate surrounding areas in South African. All Businesses are categorized and listed alphabetically. This site was created with the need to make available a growing need for local business information. Local business information are listed per area.  

To you the business owner we offer the following.

  • Instant search with Instant Access to your Business.
  • Your Contact Information.
  • Detail Mapping to your Physical Address.
  • Direct Links Supplied to your Website and Email.
  • Link to your location on google maps

We also add a detail Summary or Mission Statement of your Company Informing the Consumer as to what Services or Products you have on Offer. 

Our Site Provides a Platform to give your Business Bigger Exposure to a Growing Number of Internet Consumers, therefore Potentially Increasing your Future Customer Base.  

What does your Company stand to lose.

Your Company have everything to gain. Our listing fees are minimal and one customer referred from us can recuperate these fees. We are the fastest growing business listing website in South Africa. We have obtained a 100% Search engine optimization (SEO) score.

Benefits to your Company.

  • With no doubt internet has become a great source of information since decades ago and web directories have become essential part of Word Wide Web. In fact internet directories have got an important role in WWW. For business owners top business directories are the best places for online business advertising. Business owners are realizing the importance of these channels as they are taking over the other channels for advertising their business services so start your online intelligent advertising today, ever seen small amount of money changes your business.

The significant role of search engines like Google

  • Important business directories are crawled by Google bots regularly, meaning that Google finds your new websites to index and it will be shown in the next searches. Google is the number one traffic source for every website that can help you to improve and expand your business, connects you with potential customers, and finds your target market. Even statistics shows such results.
Increase your Google rank
  • Get the excellent and related back links from famous business directories, results in higher Google search engine results page (SERP). Business owners try to increase their website ranks in order to get the benefits. Web directories are the great place for getting related back links. These quality paid directories are human edited. The administrators go through your company title and content and place your back links in suitable category related to your site content, resulting in higher ranking in related searches.
Getting listed in the good directories is the point
  • One of the most important features of the good web directories is they are human edited. If directory moderator checks the content of your site for placing in the best suitable classes is much more valuable and precise than the automatic moderator. 
  • Good web directories pass the Google page rank to you website though the back links to your website. 
Drive traffic to you company website
  • Getting listed in a good web directory would also help you to have more traffic to your site or company information. This can be simply found by getting listed in outstanding business directories .

Why log in as a customer?

  • Log in as a User to our Site and you will be Notified of any New Businesses and Promotions. Your details will not be Shared nor Sold to any Third Party. Newsletters and any Promotion from Listed Businesses will be managed by means of a Notification. 

For more information on how to get listed or queries contact us directly at info@southafricanbusinessinfo.co.za

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